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Alaska: R. T. Kendall, author of “Total Forgiveness” (a forgive-others-&-be-free book) will be speaking at Abbott Loop on Sunday

R. T. Kendall, author of Total Forgiveness (a forgiving others book) will be speaking at Abbott Loop Community Church (ALCC) next Sunday morning in Anchorage, Alaska. The receptionist didn’t know what his topic would be. Service starts at 10am.

From: Amazon’s product description of Total Forgiveness:

When everything in you wants to hold a grudge, point a finger and remember the pain, God wants you to lay it all aside. You can avoid spiritual quicksand and experience the incredible freedom found in total forgiveness. Is total forgiveness easy? Of course not…but this book will give you a game plan…and the encouragement to cast out areas of unforgiveness that have kept you from enjoying the best God has to offer you.

From: Wikipedia

Robert Tillman Kendall (b. July 13, 1935) is a Christian writer, speaker, and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years. He is author of more than 40 books, including Total Forgiveness.[1] Kendall is currently listed as part of the Word, Spirit & Power team, a non-denominational Charismatic ministry.

Please pray for revival to happen at ALCC, and please pray for me. I have an opportunity right now for which I’ve been waiting many years. Please pray that hearts would be open to the truth.

ONEcanhappen in 2010!!!

Jeff : )


Art Mathias (my State Farm insurance agent for almost 30 years!) recently spoke this very-important-for-us message on forgiving at ALCC, which can be listened to at ALCC’s podcast!

Abbott Loop podcast clarification

Art Mathias on It’s Supernatural: Spiritual Roots of Disease — Healed Through Forgiving (If there is pain in a memory there is unforgiveness)


Update 1/19/10


The View From China


  1. “Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for Jeff today. I ask that You will open the right doors for him with regards to his opportunity. I pray that You will receive glory through it. May he draw nearer You through this process. I ask that Your will be done in his life. I pray that ALCC will truthfully spread Your message, that they will become alive through You. I pray that hearts will open to Your truth. In the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.”

    • Jeff Fenske

      Wow! Thanks, Joe Soap!!!

      May we be ONE in Christ (John 17) — soap-sudsy clean, literally! (I saw your blog.)

      Jeff : )

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