Update 1/19/10


First, a professional photographer was hired by Northwest Airlines in Anchorage to take some photos of our 747 Cargo operations’ last days. We didn’t have much notice, so many employees, including Yours Truly, didn’t know about the shoot. It wasn’t well attended, but the shots are now available, and the photographer took a number of shots that I didn’t.

They’re available here: layer8.zenfolio.com/nwcargo

Here’s one example:

Group photo shot by Bryan Hickok

Many of us are missing

Also, I’ve been dragging my feet getting the rest of my photos online, but I have a strategy. I have a new monitor on the way that will help immensely. And after I get my computer back from the shop I’ll start posting the shots, earliest photos first.

I am still working for NWA in Anchorage; though, we’re pretty much Delta now, the world’s largest airline. We still have air freight, but it will only fly on passenger aircraft now. For those of us still working here at cargo, our jobs are still very iffy. I would love to be a full-time photographer someday.

My goal is still to post more of the fine-art photos that I’ve shot, especially the flower photos. I’m very excited about them, but didn’t particularly want them used by others for financial gain. It has occurred to me that I could put the text for the chapters of my online prophecy/someday-book, Let Us Be ONE onto the photos. This would help watermark the images as well as create more interest in “Let Us Be ONE.” I would really like to have one photo for each of the 34 chapters — to knock people’s socks off!!!

Lots of work ahead, though. I could really use prayer support, for those of you so inclined. There’s a lot of hate out there and I’m more than I’d like to be mostly a one-man operation. It’s not easy fighting this globalist regime that wants to dominate our lives. Photography is one of the ways I can shine the light, brightly — focusing on the positive!!!

Not much time to mess around, anymore.


Jeff Fenske : )

6 thoughts on “Update 1/19/10

  1. Dear Mr. Jeff Fenske,
    I work with a non-for-profit organization called the Alaska Farmland Trust. Our goal is to protect Agricultural lands from development. One of the reasons is for food security. As part of this work, I was wondering if I could use a plane photo for educational material in talking with individuals about how the majority of Alaska’s food gets shipped in to the state. I’m willing to compensate you for the photo if necessary. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Jeff Fenske

      Dear Margaret,

      You have my permission to use my photo for this purpose as long as my copyright appears in or with the photo.

      Thanks for asking!

      Jeff Fenske

    1. Jeff Fenske

      Dr. Rich,

      I was off that day and unaware that there would be a shoot; otherwise, I would have gladly come in. Many of the other employees were also not in the photographs. I was pretty disappointed when I found out.

      Computer: My 2.5 year-old Mac Powerbook is in the shop with three ailments. I thought this was a good time while I waited for the monitor to come, and my extended warranty runs out in June. This is not related to the software issues that have slowed me down.

      The LCD screen has burnt out pixel areas. It was supposed to be the latest and greatest when it came out, but they weren’t being honest. It turned out to be a step backward from the screen on my previous Powerbook, which had better color and longevity. It looks like Apple went green too early, eliminating mercury from their computers before they had a good design. The latest editions (introduced last summer) seem to have eliminated the poor color gamut issues — thankfully. But the glossy screens are way too reflective, for Mac enthusiasts who may be reading. The mat option is definitely the only way to go.

      I’m still going to use this computer for photo editing, but always with a stand-alone monitor.

      It’s also probably going to get a replacement keyboard and DVD reader/burner (which I didn’t even use much).

      When they make these components so small, apparently the reliability is much less.


  2. Dr. Rich

    Yeah I’m a little disgruntled with Apple at the moment myself. We bought a 27inch iMac in November and have been having issues with it. After reading Apple’s discussion pages a other people have been having problems as well. Apple hasn’t admitted that there are problems when there clearly are at this moment.

    But it would take a lot for me to switch to a PC!!! Which monitor did you order?

    Can’t wait to see your pictures.

  3. Jeff Fenske

    Dr. Rich,

    Hopefully your iMac will work out for you. We really like Mom’s new mini.

    Stuff goes wrong with laptops when used a lot. I expect that. But when companies knowingly false-advertise — and the reviewers don’t call them out on it…? And only after the adequate-for-photo-editing models come out 2 years later do the reviewers admit the previous model was inadequate, afteral — but I knew what I was seeing with my eyes!?!!

    I didn’t really have a choice but to upgrade to the inferior Powerbook, because my 4-year-old model was on its last leg. But I heard all of this hype on these great new backlit display Powerbooks that would be so great…. And then when I got mine and I couldn’t even enjoy looking at online photos with it, whereas I could with the older edition. I was pretty disappointed.

    Lying is off the charts in America, pretty much across the board. We have to be so careful, trying to decide was is true.

    Anyway, it looks like Apple has a model that photographers can now appreciate, as long as they special order the mat-screen model.

    The monitor I ordered is a NEC P221W, reviewed here: http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/review/2009/review-nec-p221w.html#Introduction

    It’s the same monitor as the P221W-BK-SV, which has the calibrator and software (which I already have). I bought this for logistics reasons, which I’ll explain when I see you.

    Jeff : )

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