The View From China

Under a midday moon

January 23

Paul V. (left) and Kyle (right —
Jody‘s husband, former NWA mechanic,
and now general manager of Pegasus,
which does maintenance for China Air and others)

In previous years,
this has been our view of the Chugach Mountains from NWA freighters.
Today, we view the Chugach range from China Air,
the airline of Taiwan, The Republic of China,
a free country which I’ve had the great priviledge of visiting twice,
many years ago.

Our now sparsely populated freight facility
is the building behind the loaders

And the building on the left
is filled with equipment we no longer use

This China Air 747-400F is parked at Delta’s (formerly NWA) F-2 gate, where we’ve worked numerous NWA freighters, once upon a time.

We’re still handling freight for Delta’s passenger planes, and at least for now we have a contract with China Air, which we park, dispatch and occasionally do a partial load on.

This was supposed to be a simple load. A 20-footer on, a few pallets bumped, a few moved…. But when we got onboard, we saw the two overhangs that opposed each other at about where I took this shot. And the aft center lock was fixed, immovable.

Paul, especially, quickly assessed the situation and cracked the code — and the plane left on time. It’s great to work with masters of the trade!

However, I often think of the many others who’ve also mastered their skills but no longer get a chance to use them — because of cargo’s last stand — last year.

Alaska: R. T. Kendall, author of “Total Forgiveness” (a forgive-others-&-be-free book) will be speaking at Abbott Loop on Sunday

R. T. Kendall, author of Total Forgiveness (a forgiving others book) will be speaking at Abbott Loop Community Church (ALCC) next Sunday morning in Anchorage, Alaska. The receptionist didn’t know what his topic would be. Service starts at 10am.

From: Amazon’s product description of Total Forgiveness:

When everything in you wants to hold a grudge, point a finger and remember the pain, God wants you to lay it all aside. You can avoid spiritual quicksand and experience the incredible freedom found in total forgiveness. Is total forgiveness easy? Of course not…but this book will give you a game plan…and the encouragement to cast out areas of unforgiveness that have kept you from enjoying the best God has to offer you.

From: Wikipedia

Robert Tillman Kendall (b. July 13, 1935) is a Christian writer, speaker, and teacher who pastored Westminster Chapel for 25 years. He is author of more than 40 books, including Total Forgiveness.[1] Kendall is currently listed as part of the Word, Spirit & Power team, a non-denominational Charismatic ministry.

Please pray for revival to happen at ALCC, and please pray for me. I have an opportunity right now for which I’ve been waiting many years. Please pray that hearts would be open to the truth.

ONEcanhappen in 2010!!!

Jeff : )


Art Mathias (my State Farm insurance agent for almost 30 years!) recently spoke this very-important-for-us message on forgiving at ALCC, which can be listened to at ALCC’s podcast!

Abbott Loop podcast clarification

Art Mathias on It’s Supernatural: Spiritual Roots of Disease — Healed Through Forgiving (If there is pain in a memory there is unforgiveness)

Update 1/19/10


First, a professional photographer was hired by Northwest Airlines in Anchorage to take some photos of our 747 Cargo operations’ last days. We didn’t have much notice, so many employees, including Yours Truly, didn’t know about the shoot. It wasn’t well attended, but the shots are now available, and the photographer took a number of shots that I didn’t.

They’re available here:

Here’s one example:

Group photo shot by Bryan Hickok

Many of us are missing

Also, I’ve been dragging my feet getting the rest of my photos online, but I have a strategy. I have a new monitor on the way that will help immensely. And after I get my computer back from the shop I’ll start posting the shots, earliest photos first.

I am still working for NWA in Anchorage; though, we’re pretty much Delta now, the world’s largest airline. We still have air freight, but it will only fly on passenger aircraft now. For those of us still working here at cargo, our jobs are still very iffy. I would love to be a full-time photographer someday.

My goal is still to post more of the fine-art photos that I’ve shot, especially the flower photos. I’m very excited about them, but didn’t particularly want them used by others for financial gain. It has occurred to me that I could put the text for the chapters of my online prophecy/someday-book, Let Us Be ONE onto the photos. This would help watermark the images as well as create more interest in “Let Us Be ONE.” I would really like to have one photo for each of the 34 chapters — to knock people’s socks off!!!

Lots of work ahead, though. I could really use prayer support, for those of you so inclined. There’s a lot of hate out there and I’m more than I’d like to be mostly a one-man operation. It’s not easy fighting this globalist regime that wants to dominate our lives. Photography is one of the ways I can shine the light, brightly — focusing on the positive!!!

Not much time to mess around, anymore.


Jeff Fenske : )

Lots of NWA Cargo photos soon — Monday was the end of an era — Cargo’s last stand

It was sad to see it end. Monday, 12/28 was the last flight.

After the Fog – 10/19/09

No one will ever see a NWA Cargo plane flying over Anchorage (or anywhere else) again, for they are all parked in the desert or being dismantled.

And many of us will never see each other again.


But I’ve taken a ton of photos to help capture the memories and to share what an amazing and very special experience this has been.

Now I have my work cut out for me: sorting out, converting from RAW, and posting all of these photos. It’s hard to estimate a time frame, but I’d guess it will take me a few weeks to get them online.

God bless!

Jeff Fenske


As of 2006, Northwest Airlines Cargo was the largest cargo carrier among U.S. combination passenger and cargo airlines. NWA Cargo’s fleet of dedicated Boeing 747 freighter aircraft flew from some key cities the United States and East Asia as well as Amsterdam connecting with the carrier’s cargo hub in Anchorage, Alaska (Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport), facilitating the quick transfer of cargo between large cities on both sides of the Pacific. NWA Cargo also transports freight aboard the passenger fleet of Northwest Airlines to more than 250 cities worldwide. Delta announced that the NWA Cargo hub will be shut down by the end of 2009. (source)