Master Builder: “That’s how we do it in L.A.”


© Jeff Fenske

Team Spirit!!

“That’s how we do it in L.A.”

When Cesar (on the left) would teach us his specialized pallet building techniques, he would often say: “that’s how we do it in L.A..”* We could then pass on this knowledge to others, which knowledge will now…?

Here, he and John are just putting the icing on the cake.

* L.A. is an originating station which builds up many pallets every day; whereas, Anchorage is mainly a crossload cargo hub that moves freight between the freighters that fly between the lower-48 and Asia.


Identifying the next pallet’s number while our successors loom in the background, watching the final days of our operation.

I wonder what they’re thinking…


© Jeff Fenske

With Robert and James at F5

I know what I’m thinking…

The FedEx logo too often reminds me of how the Federal Reserve Bank is as federal as Federal Express. Neither are federal, but they bear the name still. Legal — but ethical???

And look at FedEx‘s paint scheme. Scheme is the proper word: red-orange, white and blueish purple. Cool or subtle con?

And then there is UPS. Ever confuse UPS with USPS when you’re sending a package? One’s federal and one isn’t at all. Just coincidence or a carefully crafted con? Carefully crafted con.

And UPS trucks and planes use a color very similar to United States military drab. Coincidence, wise marketing or con(fidence) job?

And what’s so united about United Parcel Service (clearly from United States)? Like what’s so united about United Airlines, with their red, white and blue paint scheme (sometimes they now add grey)? Are they any more united than American Airlines? Oops!

American Airlines’ paint scheme can’t be overtly red, white and blue too?

United they stand; Northwest we fall.

Oy Veh! Deception in the last days.