2 thoughts on “Playground Rainbow — The Promise is Forever …

  1. Maxine

    Hi Jeff
    Saw this rainbow last nite too but didn’t do anything with it, so good for you. Where in Turnagain Pass is that bridge that you were on, liked that picture a lot with the different lines vs curves, nice composition. Maxine

  2. Jeff Fenske


    I was just out walking with my trusty little G10, saw the rainbow and the playground, and thought: those go together.

    That bridge at Turnagain Pass is pretty much just like any other or our tiny bridges that cross creeks in Alaska. The key to that shot is the lens, the widest angle non-fisheye available (as far as I know), the 12-24mm Sigma, shot at 12mm on the full frame 5D2.

    That’s what makes the lines so radical. It’s also a very difficult lens to work with. The slightest pitch, left or right makes the bridge look all out of kilter. And trying to not get the tripod legs and my own feet in the shot is a challenge too.

    Really fun stuff though. And Nancy was so helpful! I wasn’t going to include the sky at all, because it was overcast when I set up the shot. It was Nancy’s idea to recompose, and then she sent me into the image.

    If you’d still like to see the bridge, it’s maybe a third of a mile down the foot trail, behind the outhouse parking lot on the left side of the road as one drives toward Seward from Anchorage.

    Jeff : )

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