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“It’s All Good” — Rain or Shine!




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Bob ‘Pineapple’ & Tino upbeat despite the weather!


The Grand Entrance


Mountain Pose


  1. Rich

    I couldn’t fine you email Jeff so I figured I post here… Not sure if you’ve seen this…. Time to trade in the 5D? Ha ha…

  2. Jeff Fenske


    Wow, I hadn’t realized that About Jeff Fenske had disappeared from this site — the main place that my email address is posted (as a jpeg just above the photo).

    The 7D will be a fine tool, but it’s not for me. I need a full sized sensor in order to be able to use my EF lenses to their full capability.

    What is interesting is the possible introduction of an updated 100mm macro, this time with IS (image stabilization — for the non camera enthusiasts — gyros that help keep photos from being blurred by camera movement), which would be *so* nice, since I do so much of my flower photography hand-held. I think it’s going to have too large of filter threads though, so I couldn’t use my key ingredient.

    I would be interested in a new version of the 1Ds (the viewfinder in the 5D really is disappointingly not very vivid), but it would be way too heavy for what I’ve been doing, and there is no way I could afford it anyway.

    I have a new plan, by the way. I may visit southern CA to in part shoot some flowers down there, having exhausted the opportunities here. Since I have my technique dialed in, I’d love to try different and more elaborate subjects. Maybe I could even do a 1 on 1 with my Photoshop teacher too. I still need to get that perfected before I can really rock n’ roll with printing.


    I’ve decided to definitely get the G10’s successor. Though it’s only been a year, I’ve used my G10 so much that the markings on the wheel are wearing off. The radically redesigned G11 will be very useful, especially since we’re entering our shorter daylight period again. As we’ve discussed, the G10’s too tiny pixels render it totally worthless at night. This will allow me to continue to shoot the big boys during these last few months they’ll be flying. It will be better for action shots too. [Praise God and thank you, Canon for listening to your customers and doing this 180!] One of my coworkers has requested that I shoot them taking off and landing. Maybe I’ll get out the 5D with a long lens to do some of this. We’re being told that these 747 freighters will be parked in the desert after they’re taken out of service, never to be seen again. 🙁

    I’d still prefer a compact with a larger sensor even if it won’t zoom out there as far, but it doesn’t look like this is around the corner yet.

    I do hope that Canon made the wheels on top of the G11 harder to move. I still forget once in awhile to check them before shooting to see if all three of them may have moved from taking it in and out of the case.

    This photo is a great example. The mode dial had moved from AV to Auto. So the crop of the hands, above, was made from a fairly tiny JPEG instead of a 15MP RAW image. I had to do a little cloning, but it still turned out amazingly intact, considering that is an actual-pixel crop.

    The blessing in disguise was that I learned that Lightroom does highlight recovery even in JPEGs, which seems to contradict what I have been taught. I don’t know why and how, but this is great news for JPEGS that have blown highlights.

    I wish I lived next door to a Photoshop/Lightroom expert….

    Jeff : )

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