Seven Glaciers Restaurant


My uncle, Mom, Ted and other diners watching a paraglider pilot and paying passenger run like crazy to launch over a smokey Girdwood valley, 7/12/09.

Tech Note:
Most of the photos so far at this site were shot in RAW with the compact Canon G10 (including Our Resident Eaglet, by the way). This is an amazing camera, but has one major weakness: the otherwise handy control dials move way too easily. I have to always remember to check to make sure that they haven’t moved each time I take it out of the case. This time I didn’t.

The resulting tiny JPEG still works mostly well enough for a shot this size, but if I had shot instead in the 15 MP RAW format, the blown highlights would have had more detail, and I could have zoomed in on the running paragliders and included that crop as well.

Living and learning.

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