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Mom at the Forest Fair

“My mom is a LIGHT bulb!”


© Jeff Fenske

Girdwood, Alaska – 7/05/09


Our Resident Eaglet


Seven Glaciers Restaurant


  1. PC

    Hi Jeff and Hi Pat!
    It is so good to see a great photo of you, Pat!
    I am staying cool here in the Old Pueblo-Tucson.
    Miss you guys.

  2. Pat Fenske

    We miss you, too. It sounds like you had a blessed trip. Praise God! The Forest Fair is so much fun, and the weather was so beautiful. Have a great summer. Love, Pat and Jeff

  3. Dr. Rich

    Did you buy the chair for her Jeff??

  4. Jeff Fenske


    It’s interesting that you, of all people [Rich is an excellent chiropractor] would ask, because…

    …although this chair is very lovely, and Mom is in the zone, it has a reverse-lumbar curve….

    I actually thought of asking the craftsman if he could incorporate lumbar support into some of his more upright designs.



  5. Rich

    HA HA!!! Well your mom looks great in the chair. However, if you had bought the chair for her and it has the reverse curve as you mention, then I’m guessing that see would need my services a bit more.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos!!

    Be Well,


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