28:32 We should have had a vitamin D supplementation campaign nationwide. It would have been very easy to do. 

As an aside, Vitamin D has been one of the most attacked substances over the last three or four decades by the pharmaceutical industry. Tucker: ‘why?’ It threatens the disease model. We could do an hour on vitamin D, Tucker…. They’re terrified of vitamin D. …

I got an email from a guy, William F. Grant, a professor out in California. … My life was going totally sideways because our protocols focused on Ivermectin. I was using a lot in my practice, as were tens of thousands around the world to really good benefits. I was getting attacked; there were hit jobs in the media. And he wrote me this email that said: ‘What they’re doing to Ivermectin they’ve been doing to vitamin D for decades,’ and he included a link to an article called ‘The Disinformation Playbook,’ and its got five tactics. And these are the five tactics that all industries employ when science emerges that’s inconvenient to their interest.”

– Dr. Pierre Kory


Medical Expert: COVID Vax Killed More Americans Than Vietnam

Tucker Carlson
Mar 13