The music video features images of legacy rock stars including Gene Simmons of KISS, Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters among others. The images of legacy acts are accompanied by previous headlines and quotes from the performers as they threw support behind government mandates, performed shows exclusively for the vaccinated, and shunned fans who questioned government mandates.

“Well there ain’t no rock and roll / Ever since they sold out Rolling Stone,” Skistimas sings. “All the words that were sung in the past / Will never feel the same when we’re looking back.”

The rebellious anthem also throws criticism towards the Woodstock generation as Skistimas declares, “There ain’t no peace and love / Ever since the sixties kids grew up.” 

“The blues has lost its soul / All the punks gave the man control / And every pop star’s bought and sold,” Skistimas sings.

Five Times August also criticizes Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, whose songs famously discussed civil rights, corporatism, and featured anti-war sentiments, saying “no one stuck around for their protest job.” (story)

Five Times August