25:15 Organic A2 Whole Milk (small bottles). Really good and healthy. It’s my second choice. Mom and I are getting Alaska Range Dairy’s Whole Milk Non Homogenized in returnable glass bottles at Natural Pantry. Has an AMAZING flavor even better than these Costco bottles. Spendy. [Homogenization wrecks the fat globules. This does not.]

Haig’s Tzatziki sounds great, but don’t know if our Costco has it. Will check.

27:15 is interesting. I got this organic yogurt a few days ago. It’s not as thick as regular yogurt, but it’s made from grass fed cows, which Thomas doesn’t mention. Grass fed makes the fat excellent.

I get and eat a lot of Costco’s grass fed beef patties in the frozen section — very healthy and great flavor (as long as they’re *not overcooked*. Since they’re frozen, there’s no danger of eating if not cooked long enough, since all of the critters are dead.