Tears for Fears Live 2022 Full Show May 25 ⬘ Sugar Land, TX

Famous in the ’80s, Tears for Fears did a major concert tour this year with both Curt and Roland at age-60. This is my favorite version that I saw online. Has some spunk, and is good quality, especially considering it’s filmed on a tiny Sony RX-100 mk 7.

Another version from chris javaruski that I don’t find has as much life, but is better from a video perspective, and people aren’t heard talking during the less popular songs:

I spent a couple of months working on this show . I edited together YouTube clips from various shows in May and June of 2022 . I tried to use the best audio available.

Tears For Fears – Complete Show – Multicam – HD – The Tipping Point Tour 2022 – Trip Across America

Also interesting: Tears For Fears – 2022-06-09 West Palm Beach, FL – Full Concert Live – Front Row HD (Audience)

The most famous and what I think are the most powerful songs are bolded:

No Small Thing – 0:00
Tipping Point – 4:54
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – 8:56
Secret World – 13:20
Sowing the Seeds of Love – 18:10
Long, Long, Long Time – 24:22
My Demons – 28:34
Rivers of Mercy – 31:39
Mad World – 37:13
Suffer the Children – 40:44
Woman in Chains – 44:08
Badman’s Song – 50:33
Pale Shelter – 1:00:19
Break it Down Again – 1:04:52
Head Over Heels – Broken – 1:09:25
End of Set – 1:14:04
Band Intro – 1:14:27
End of Night – 1:15:44
Change – 1:19:04
Shout – 1:23:28
Audience Bow – 1:29:37

Playlist for individual songs in this show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Tears for Fears Live 2022 Full Show May 25 ⬘ Sugar Land, TX

shot on Sony rx100m7

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