2022 Iditarod Champion Brent Sass Full Interview

AMAZING, honest and detailed description of what the race was like, and how difficult! Most mushers are not this open. Even cries! I’ve never heard such an incredible interview before.

His dogs live with him in the cabin (37:30)! “They’re all friends.” Wonderfully unconventional, the way it should be! Susan Butcher used to allow one or more dogs in the cabin, in rotation.

“I enjoy the struggle, alone at the homestead with the dogs. … It’s survival and dogs.” “You have to want to work pretty much all the time.”

“Focus forward. … Positive attitude is key. … If I get upset every time something breaks, I would be in trouble.”

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Rodney Lough Jr.: The Freedom of Not Caring What Others Think

16:08 “You have to get to a point where you just don’t care … what anyone else thinks.”

“You know better than anyone else what you like. Don’t give up on that. …when you do get an image it will be created from some place in here (touches his heart), and other people will be able to respond to it as well.”

“I literally walk around and go ‘Huh! That’s beautiful, and I don’t care anyone else thinks it is or not.”

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