Dec 24, 2021

Cold showers can have some incredible health benefits—find out why you should be taking cold showers daily.

In this video, we’re going to talk about cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy—and what happens to you after 14 days of taking cold showers.

Take a look at these ten incredible benefits of taking cold showers.

1. Enhances immune system function
• Increases monocytes
• Increases Lymphocytes
• Increases T-helper cells
• Increases T-suppressor cells

2. Promotes noradrenaline
• Increases mood
• Supports alertness
• Helps reduce the risk of depression
• Improves focus

3. Supports weight loss by triggering brown fat
• Increases metabolism
• Increases Energy
• Decreases weight
• 100g of brown fat can burn 3400 calories per day

4. Increases insulin sensitivity

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Boosts antioxidants

7. Has neuroprotective effects

8. Improves longevity and promotes autophagy

9. Lowers cortisol

10. Supports fast recovery

How to ease yourself into taking cold showers:
1. Start with your normal hot shower
2. Turn it to cold for 30 seconds
3. Turn it back to hot
4. Gradually increase the time you set it to cold until you can reach 5-10 minutes

Interestingly, cold temperatures can warm up your core temperatures, while hot temperatures can cool down your core temperature.

Try taking cold showers for 14 days and see if you experience some of these amazing health benefits.