Mar 14, 2017

Doctor Ben

These are 5 foam rolling tips I’ve developed through trial and error using a foam roller myself. These tips have really helped me get the most out of my foam roller self massage sessions.

Foam Rolling Tip 1:

I usually don’t use a foam roller. I usually use something much more solid. Foam rollers deform too much for my liking and I can’t get as much pressure as I need. I only use a foam roller on really, really tender areas.

Foam Rolling Tip 2:

Don’t rush. Move the roller over the target area slowly. Your body needs a good amount of time exposed to a stimulus in order to adapt to it. If you go too fast your tissues won’t adjust to the pressure.

Foam Rolling Tip 3:

Minimize pain. Pain causes a tension response throughout the body. You’re trying to get your muscles to relax. Pain can work against this relaxation. Try and make your foam rolling hurt as little as possible.

Foam Rolling Tip 4:

Focus on a muscle. Don’t try to work on every muscle that’s tight. Pick one muscle and spend all your attention on that muscle until you make progress. Then pick another muscle and do the same thing. Over time you affect whole body change.

Foam Rolling Tip 5:

Foam roll often. Try to get in numerous foam roller workouts throughout the day. The more often your body is exposed to a stimulus, the faster it will adapt to it. I think 3 times a day is a good minimum, but 6-10 times a day is really ideal.

About this video:

In this video I will share 5 of my foam roller tips. These tips will teach you how to use a foam roller better. Even if you already know how to foam roll, this video will help you get better pain relief from your foam roller.

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