Outstanding sound quality! Really gives me a heart for the Italians!

Phil and Chester play a two stool duet at 35:30!

Disc 2. (Live In Rome) 1. Mama 2. Let Us Take You Away From All That 3. Ripples 4. Throwing It All Away 5. The Domino Principle In Action 6. Domino 7. Conversations With 2 Stools 8. Los Endos 9. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Excerpt)/Invisible Touch 10. I Can’t Dance 11. Thank You And Good Night 12. Carpet Crawlers Bonus Features 13. Bring The Pitch Down Like Elton 14. ‘Acoustic’ Ripples 15. ‘Throwing It All’ Down 16. Tony Talks About His Inspiration 17. The Drum Duet 18. Not A Period Piece 19.


Genesis Circus Maximus -2007/D2