I followed this Kenai, Alaska webcam all summer, from before the eggs were hatched to this and beyond. Fascinating experience.

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Congratulations to Denali on her accidental then intentional fledge at 80 days/11.42 weeks of age. This footage captures Denali’s early morning branching, wingercising leading up to her fall or accidental fledge at 643 am and her intentional fledge at 1012 am. This footage is recorded in actual time and again in slow motion. Please note there is no sound at this nest; the sounds you hear are recorded from the NCTC Bald Eagle nest.

This has been a wonderful day for Denali, Mom Aurora and the Kenai family; a terrific outcome despite the sad losses and challenges that Aurora and Denali faced thorough out this season. Wishing Denali safe travels, fair weather and food aplenty in her journey to independence. Safe travels lil one … i hope Denali will bless us with frequent visits over the next few weeks before she leaves to start her adventures away from the comfort of Mom and her familiar homeland.

Denali’s Accidental & Intentional Fledge – Congratulations Denali – Aug 19, 2020 – Kenai Bald Eagles

Aug 19, 2020

Deb Stecyk

For more information on the Kenai Bald Eagle family click on this link https://www.kenai.city/community/page…

Here is the link to the eagle cam via Utube