The second eaglet was born on June 2nd. This screenshot is from about 6 AM. Both eggs have now hatched!

The eaglet in front of the mother was born a few days ago. The other is still partially in its egg.

The other parent had been laying on these two, when this parent flew in (I don’t know which are mom and dad). When the other got up, and flew off, we see the new baby! This parent is seeing this new one for what appears to be the first time, from what I could tell by scrolling through the video, which has 12 hours to scroll through!


Started streaming on May 22, 2020

After taking the year off for 2019 the eagles have returned to the nest for the 2020 season! The first egg was laid on 4/22/2020 and the second egg was laid on 4/25/2020. Incubation for Bald Eagle eggs is approximately 35 days.