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(music vid) Paul Clark: ‘Abide’ — “Your words are truth and life to me / It’s in the Vine I’ll Abide”

Abide (Paul Clark)

The more I go on with you Lord
I find that I cannot afford
To stay away from your side
It’s in the Vine I’ll Abide

Your words are truth and life to me
They cleanse and sanctify me
I know it’s power can’t be denied
It’s in the Vine I’ll Abide

A child of God I know I am
I’ve been washed in the precious blood of the Lamb
But I haven’t touched the hole in His side
But in the vine I’ll Abide

To bring forth fruit this is my aim
And give the glory to Your name
To do the same you must decide
If in the Vine you’ll Abide

Jesus is the Vine

Paul Clark

Apr 9, 2008
An exceptional christian musician


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  1. Jesse Deaguero

    July 15 1971 was my life changing rebirthday just 20 years old like I never imagined would happen l thought I was going tp a rock concert but instead it was a Jesus concert there I meet the One who changed ,y life for the last 50 plus years and like Paul Clark I’m a Jesus musician Paul Clark songs I still sing today! God bless you Paul Clark

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