Eat Celery To Sleep and Lower Cortisol

Eat Celery To Sleep and Lower Cortisol

Dr. Eric Berg DC

Do you have trouble sleeping? Try this. 

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0:10 Apigenin 

0:23 Benefits of celery 

1:05 What to do

In this short video, we’re going to talk about celery and the amazing benefits of celery. 

Apigenin is a phytonutrient that’s in:

• Celery 

• Parsley

• Chamomile tea

• Grapefruit

The benefits of celery (apigenin):

• Anti-anxiety

• Sedative

• Anti-diabetic 

• Anti-cancer

• Anti-inflammation

• Inhibits aromatase

• Lowers prostate enlargement 

• Lowers cortisol 

You can get apigenin in a pill, but I don’t recommend that. To get the health benefits of celery like apigenin, the best thing to do is to consume 6-7 stalks of celery in the evening. You can replace your salad with this because celery is a vegetable. 

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