Wonderful song and video, despite the low image quality! Imagine flying like an eagle!

Paul writes about the image quality in two comments:

This album and Natural States were both shot on 16mm film and transferred to 1″ videotape for editing. Those masters have disappeared into the void and would provide a better image than what I have posted here as I transferred them from laserdisc and preserved the quality the best I could.

Eagle’s Path

Jul 9, 2009

Paul Speer

Eagle’s Path is the opening track on Desert Vision and one of our most popular pieces.   Directed by Jan C. Nickman.  Music by David Lanz and Paul Speer.


Eagle’s Path.wmv

Aug 8, 2010

David Lanz and Paul Speer / Bridge of Dreams tour 1993. National Auditorium, Mexico City. With Neal Speer (drums) and Janet Foos (keyboards).