This is GREAT! Serious landscape photographer destroys “flat earth!”

• It is in fact the moon blocking the sun during eclipse. Craters and seas shown.
• The moon does not emanate its own light.
• 15 High clouds get dark from the bottom up as the sun dips below the horizon
• More…

Flat earth myth: The moon is a translucent body and did not pass in front of the sun during the 2017 solar eclipse.

Truth: Yes it was the moon, yes it did pass in front of the sun (at the EXACT second that scientists who believe in the globe said it would…seriously, I was amazed at the down-to-the-second accuracy of their prediction), and yes I accidentally photographed it. I panicked a bit during totality and completely forgot I had a solar filter on my telescope. I blindly increased exposure time trying to get an image until I realized I needed to take the filter off. I snapped another round of images without changing exposure, resulting in a grossly overexposed image…but it did do one thing. Irrefutably show the moon in front of the sun. You’re welcome.

Flat earth myth: The moon produces it’s own light.

Truth: This is a ridiculous concept and so easy to disprove that it was barely worth my time. Take binoculars or a small telescope and look at the moon, particularly the craters at the edge. You’ll notice the lip of the crater casts a shadow…you know, from the sun illuminating it. Furthermore, if you’re reading this and a flat earther…why would the moon produce it’s own light and then change the shape of said light every month(ish)? What scientific reason do you have for moon phases? I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.

Flat earth myth: Nothing in our solar system orbits and the planets are translucent sources of light.

Truth: Have you ever seen Venus? Or maybe followed it over the span of a few months to watch its phases change because its orbit is closer to the sun than ours? How about the moons of Jupiter and the fact that sometimes you see less than 4 because the planet occludes them? Maybe instead of watching YouTube conspiracy videos, you should go outside from time to time.

Flat earth myth: The sun revolves in a circle and is always above the pizza shaped earth.

Truth: Look, we could go into more scientific detail here about how this is impossible. Things like at equinox when the sun rises directly in the east it’s impossible for this to work on the flat earth; you would need multiple suns to accomplish this. No, I wanted to keep it simple so you guys could understand. So, simple observations here. If there is a tall bank of clouds in the east (say during a summer pop-up thunderstorm) and the sun sets in the west, the cloud bank will get dark from the bottom-up. This is because the sun sets below the horizon. Same thing explains how high clouds can be illuminated from underneath and the presence of earth’s shadow at sunrise and sunset.

Here is a Dropbox link to the eclipse RAW file that shows the moon in front of the sun:…

Alan Brock 1 year ago
OK everyone, it’s been a fun week of going back and forth in the comments, with the flat earthers bringing the typical “show me a curve” “how is water curved” “all pics are CGI” comments to the thread. Clearly I like arguing as much as the next person, but I’m tired of destroying the flat earth one thread at a time, so I’m going to pin this comment. In addition to the easy observations in my video, the flat earth is soundly debunked by one other very simple observation: equinox.

At equinox, the sun rises due east and sets due west. This has literally been observed by the entire planet year after year after year after year… This is very easily explained with a globe, but there is not a single flat earth model out there that can explain it. In fact, the flat earth model shows the sun rising due east and setting due west for exactly no one. You flat earthers have nothing for it. Nothing.

And in case you want to see a picture of it, here ya go:

Destroying the Flat Earth Myth

Alan Brock

Published on Apr 2, 2018

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