Giant flock of geese getting ready to migrate south flew over my head in surround sound!

A magnificent flock of about 150 geese just flew over our yard, just above tree level. I heard them coming, talking to one another and maybe us, so I got in position to see the amazing spectacle as they approached, completely surrounding me with clusters of less than 20, flowing together in one large group, led by one? Or do the leaders take turns? I wonder if their software has been updated lately so they can make the long journey south soon, without a glitch. It snowed yesterday, with white now becoming leaves and green grass again.

God did this — and most people don’t even care. Many would not even look up from their iPhone if it happened to them.

What’s happened to us?

Loving our Creator with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength is the greatest commandment.

We need to get fully into reality, so we will be ‘ONE’ with each other in Christ “that the world will know” (Jesus’ prayer for us in John 17) — because God’s glory will be that evident in His people — the way it was always supposed to be.

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Incredibly, these geese were mostly couples. Geese mate for life!

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