Vangelis – Rachel’s song (performed by Kebu @ Film Music Prague Festival)

Sep 21, 2019


This is a recording of Kebu’s performance of “Rachel’s Song”at the Film Music Prague Festival, February 3, 2019. The concert was a tribute to the music of Ridley Scott’s movies, with Kebu performing three songs from Blade Runner. The song was written by Vangelis for the Blade Runner movie. Eventually it was not used in the movie, but it was later released on the soundtrack album.

Sadly, the main footage from the concert was lost, but the audio recording was recovered. The video was made using a private camcorder recording, courtesy of Tomas Bazika, and photos provided by the Film Music Prague Festival.

The song was performed using only analog synthesizers with the help of a MIDI sequencer. The audio of the performance was recorded to a stereo track from the line out of my mixer and was later mixed together with the audio track from the camcorder for room ambience.

15 minutes before showtime my Poly-61 broke down so I had to quickly program the sound for the main sequence on my backup synth (JD-XA) while the audience was filling the hall. Luckily, I know the JD-XA so well by now and its analog part has sonic similarities to the Poly-61, so I nailed it in five minutes. 😀

Instruments used:

Oboe-voice: Roland SH-2000

Flute-brass: Yamaha CS-50

Electric piano: Roland JX-8P

Slow plucked sequence: Roland JD-XA (analog part only)

Harp: Roland Alpha Juno 2

Additional brass: Oberheim Matrix 1000

Choral washes: Korg PE-2000 and Korg Polysix

Cymbal: Touched-by-sound DRM1

Strings: Roland Alpha Juno 1

Wind chimes: Marion Prosynth

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