MAGNIFICIENT EL POTENTATE at 7:40! And the powerfully moving, play-it-again ending starts at 14:30! Definitely Vangelis influenced.

Composed by Sebastian “Kebu” Teir on commission by Kristinestad – Kristiinankaupunki for the celebration of the centenary of Finland´s independence.

I used Google Translate to translate the song titles and lyrics from a mixture of Finnish and Swedish. And two lines were even in Greek!

Kebu: Kring havet – Meren ympärillä (Premiere)

Dec 6, 2018


Kring havet – Around the sea
1. Preludium
2. About eternity
3. Far from grace
4. The horizon awaits us
5. The arrival of winter
6. A rare gift

1. Preludium

2. Om evigheten (About eternity)

When the wind chill for the evening is quiet
I want to go to the beach

Take a look at the horizon
inhale everything I see
I enjoy
glittering daisies
fires burning
loud in the sunlight

Steer the rowing boat towards the horizon
as far as the eye can reach
surrounded by
sea waves wandering
roaring wave chambers
constantly changing

When darkness falls
The sun has said goodbye
Am I being taken by thought
that tests my soul

About eternity
Everything that happens
is just a coincidence
that life gives
To the stars of space
are so many more
than all grains of sand
on the shore of the earth
The days of man
a moment
Drop in the sea of infinity

3. Kaukana armosta (Far from grace)

Lord have mercy on me
Have mercy on user

I hear a lonely plea
A voice among many
Desperate and alone
in the eye of the storm

Request for mercy
A form of longing
To come home safely
Finding peace of mind

Large waves
raft surround
As the storm rages
grace far away

Stormy foam heads
hit the barren coast
Searching for beaches
in vain, the sea merciless

4. Horisonten väntar oss (The horizon awaits us)

When then goodbye
and when the wind rests still
Still marveling
of the secrets of the sea

In the winter nights stay
the stars will calm down
They were presented in the times
of an invisible hand

Late ancient times
we have traveled across the sea
to add
into foreign ports

All languages ​​from all the countries of the world
sounded loud and everyone was talking
Despite many unfamiliar dialects
everyone understood each other

A man’s days
just a little while on earth
A short breath
for our timeless mother

Our people year after year
has left the beach full of trails
Still late antiquity
life continued in peace and war

Weigh anchor
Go to sail
with a steady and warm open wind
Forget your concern,
your sorrows
The horizon awaits us

Beyond the sea
there is a longing
indescribable but fundamental
Bitter battles
Broken hearts
but folks it exists

Yet people and things are brought
over roaring waves
Despite all the development
segregated nations

One day we all understand
and returns to the depth
We come and we go
but the world sea it exists

5. Talven tulo (The arrival of winter)

The earth is cooling, cooling, cooling
preparing to snooze, to come
Free ice crystals
ascend to the heavens

The weather changes, it gets colder
The day is getting shorter, the evening is getting longer
The inhabitants of the sea
retreat to the depths

Ice covers the lake
blanket, white, conceals life

Our winter has arrived

6. En sällsam gåva (A rare gift)

The scent of conifers
and the noise of the sea
Makes me remember
the house of the hometown
Illuminated windows
a large family
and tremendous wealth

The spirits of the walls
take me away
the glory

The security of our home
give confidence
the future
Simple community
as a pastime
is shared joy
honest and free

A rare gift
There the soul finds peace

Kebu: Kring havet – Meren ympärillä (complete performance)

Dec 6, 2018


Recorded live in Kristina Hall, Kristiinankaupunki, Finland, on the 6th of December 2017.

Soprano: Lisbet Säll

Percussion: André Engelholm

Synths & keyboards: Kebu


   Kristinestads Damkör

   Lappfjärds Damkör

   Lappfjärds Manskör

   Kristinestads Manskör

Conductor: Anders Teir

Kring havet — Meren ympärillä

1. Preludium

2. Om evigheten

3. Kaukana armosta

4. Horisonten väntar oss

5. Talven tulo

6. En sällsam gåva

Composed by Sebastian “Kebu” Teir on commission by Kristinestad – Kristiinankaupunki for the celebration of the centenary of Finland´s independence.


“Om evigheten” is dedicated to Mona-Lisa Teir

Released as a live EP on 6th of April 2018 on Secret Entertainment. International distribution by ZYX Music.