Trump tweeted:

Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others…….

…..Censorship is a very dangerous thing & absolutely impossible to police. If you are weeding out Fake News, there is nothing so Fake as CNN & MSNBC, & yet I do not ask that their sick behavior be removed. I get used to it and watch with a grain of salt, or don’t watch at all..

….Too many voices are being destroyed, some good & some bad, and that cannot be allowed to happen. Who is making the choices, because I can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made. Let everybody participate, good & bad, and we will all just have to figure it out!

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3 thoughts on “Trump rips into social media for censoring conservatives – while doing nothing to others

  1. Site Shut Down , by Enemies to GOD

    Jeff :

    I was sorry to discover , your websites either taken down or hamstrung – by wordpress . Especially , because my comments probably had a lot to do – with that retaliation . It was the “ media lords of the bagel “ , who shut you down . ( It was a soviet style purge , on several bloggers . ) I will remember you for your courage , to publish the unsanctioned . Hope to see you in – The Great Escape .


    1. Rossman,

      Thanks for your honesty and kind words. I really appreciate that!

      It’s tough to see my ToBeFree WordPress site go down without any notice, no warnings, no strikes — and they don’t even say why. 11 years of work gone with the stroke of their keystroke.

      This really is a diabolical organization that has now shown their hand to me. They can be trusted no more. I never imagined they could be so unfair.

      I can only speculate why they took my ToBeFree site down, what they actually considered a violation of their vague policy, because they won’t say anything. I wrote my appeal, and got no response. This is how the world works.

      I try to be careful, following all of the rules, while also exposing the big lies this Satanic system is throwing at us constantly. I don’t know if it was one of my posts or someone else’s comment that they used as an excuse to take my site down.

      WordPress have claimed users have the right to free speech, but then change their policy without sufficiently informing us, and possibly are applying it retroactively.

      The globalists can’t win in the truth arena, so they have to take out truthers.

      Perhaps their unfair take-down will be positive for me. I now know for the first time that my WordPress blog can be hosted by a site dedicated to free speech. I had previously thought I had to blog through WordPress’ site. I’m now looking for an alternative where this won’t happen again.

      I’ll completely believe it when I see it, but I’m told that software can now put up my ToBeFree site as it was at another host. We’ll see. I’ll have to start over in getting search engines to record hits, so my posts again show up in searches. I don’t know if comments will carry over or not. I’m not sure this will work at all. Hopefully it will.

      I’ve seen about a dozen WordPress sites that were also taken down within the last week. There were at least hundreds, if not thousands. This was a purge. It’s like we’re in a real war.

      The worst part is that they gave no warning, and completely shut the site down. That’s unconscionable. This makes WordPress worse than Google’s YouTube, which I hadn’t imagined possible.

      I will carry on at a place that is safer. The truth about what’s going really going on needs to be made known. It’s in my heart to continue truthing.

      I will not stop.

      Regarding the “great escape,” I don’t believe in the pre-trib rapture. I think tough times are ahead, and we’re going to have to go through them. We’ll reap what our fellow countrymen have sowed. We may be martyred for not taking the mark, or we may be taken out when Russia and China EMP and nuke US.

      Maybe God will sustain us somehow. The main thing is to abide in Him.

      God bless,

      Jeff in Alaska

    2. Rossman,

      I think I can now with pretty much certainty say that it wasn’t anything you wrote that they used to take my ToBeFree blog down.

      It may be related to Sandy Hook, which is still being investigated by truthers, which happened way back in 2012.

      I didn’t spend a lot of time on it, and I rarely post pics of people (especially staying away from copyrighted photos), but I may have posted a meme. I don’t remember, and my site is now taken down, so I can’t check.

      The most likely reason for the recent WordPress purge is spelled out in this article.

      [Update 9/8/18]: the blogger mentioned in the above Tech Crunch article discovered through the article which post WordPress claimed violated their terms of service (the cache of the post has since been taken down). His post didn’t even have an image in it, so he couldn’t have violated WordPress’ new image terms-of-service added clause.

      He explains in this video:

      WP’s 10th Biggest Website, TechCrunch, Does Hit Piece on Me to Justify Censorship


      Published on Aug 18, 2018

      TechCrunch (massive website) did an article trying to justify Facebook, Twitter and WordPress censorship by using my website, American Everyman, as their single example. It is deeply flawed too say the least. But the fact that they did it provides us some insight into what this is REALLY about.

      TechCrunch article

      archived version of my article

      what Verizon is really about

      20 biggest websites using WP

      One of the Sandy Hook “parents” filed copyright claims…. WordPress responded, saying the truther posts were okay, but then changed their policy after pressure from a shaming NY Times article.

      WordPress did not spell this out to us users, and apparently retroactively apply that to posts from even back in 2012.

      So my entire blog of 11 years of work was perhaps taken down because I *may have* posted someone’s meme about Sandy Hook. Since WordPress shut down my blog, I can’t check to see what it could have been.

      So WordPress initially stood up for free speech, and then caved in the worst way possible, taking down entire blogs without warning and without explanation, instead of pulling down the posts only.

      What they did was brutal and completely without respect for users — especially in regards to myself, in that I try to be really careful, walking the way Christ would have me walk.

      I also thought they would warn me first. This is ridiculous!

      What a way to find out how the world operates!

      They seem to now be on a slippery slope that could get much worse in the future.

      I must find a safe place to put my blogs.

      God bless,


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