(vid) Shaun White on Always Winning, Even When You Lose | Impact Theory

Shaun White on Always Winning, Even When You Lose | Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu

Published on Feb 14, 2017


Two-time Olympic Gold medalist and the youngest to ever win the US Open Shaun White learned the value of putting in work at an early age. Named number two on Business Week’s list of the 100 most powerful athletes, this accomplished musician, philanthropist, and top-shelf entrepreneur describes how he used pressure to his advantage in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.


1. Shaun talks about opening your eyes to what’s around you and diving deeper into opportunities. [2:40]

Tom and Shaun discuss falling in love with working hard and pushing through. [6:20]

Shaun recalls a defining moment when he owned his personal narrative and overcame peer pressure. [9:14]

Tom and Shaun explore their definitions of competition. [12:37]

Shaun explains the importance of using visualization and setting balanced goals. [16:47]

Shaun talks about being thankful for pressure and spinning it to your advantage. [24:14]

Tom and Shaun talk over leveraging learning experiences and staying motivated. [30:56]

Shaun shares the importance of personal identity and separating what he does from who he is. [36:20]

Shaun defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [43:09]


Shaun’s video documentary (attempting the first Triple Cork in Halfpipe starts at [6:38]) – http://bit.ly/1v5Eugl [27:05]


Big Bear Snow Summit – http://bit.ly/2iQOJzM [34:19]

Mammoth Mountain – http://bit.ly/2lBCo4W [34:19]

Shaun’s men’s clothing line Wht Space – http://mcys.co/2gpTksn [34:31]


Retired professional tennis player Andrew Agassi’s book titled Open – http://amzn.to/2kGOZTh [35:32]

Bad Things guitarist Jared Palomar – http://bit.ly/2lFsZsP [37:49]


Thirty Seconds To Mars – http://bit.ly/1dTYOrR [36:50]

Shaun’s Big Air snowboard competition and Music Festival series Air + Style – http://bit.ly/2lEeftK [42:29]

Flume – http://bit.ly/1sO2Rgd [42:37]

Major Lazer – http://bit.ly/1AyaufC [42:38]

Vince Staples – http://bit.ly/1CLTi7k [42:39]

YG – http://bit.ly/2lEfTLL [42:39]

TV On The Radio – http://bit.ly/2fZuxOW [42:40]


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