B&H with Matt Frazer from Panasonic, transcribed by me:

Matt: This camera actually uses 5 aspheric elements.

B&H: Glass elements, I might add. No polymer…, just glass.

Matt: They’re all glass. There’s actually 8 aspheric surfaces…. And 2 of them are ED glass. … To go a step further, we were really worried about the quality of the bokeh in the background: those little bokeh balls you get in the background, and all of a sudden you see these concentric rings. Well, we have a new milling technique for molding our aspherics that gets rid of that. So you shouldn’t have any of that funky, onion curl ring in your bokeh balls.

• • •

First Look: Panasonic | Lumix DMC-LX100

B and H

Published on Sep 15, 2014

The Panasonic LX-100 is the successor to the LX-7. Featuring a 12.8 MP Micro four-thirds sensor and 4K video recording.