Commercial jets started flying across America in 1959. Chemtrails didn’t start until the mid-’90s.

For THIRTY FIVE YEARS, there were no chemtrails. Contrails didn’t linger, spread and turn into clouds. This is a completely new phenomenon.

The geo-engineers are causing so many manmade clouds that the dimming of the sun, called ‘global dimming’ is now measurable.

For those who don’t remember what the skies looked like back then, notice the proof is on TV. Compare the skies in today’s shows verses those filmed in the ’60s through ’80s.

Chemtrails are now a nature photographer’s nightmare. They even show up in some of my night sky photos, and some are almost impossible to remove.

And researchers like Dane Wigington GeoEngineering Watch are proving that stratospheric aerosol injection is radically affecting the climate, especially California’s.

It never used to be this way; though, for decades there were plenty of jets up there still.

This meme is trying to help us open our minds so we can see the reality of what the climate engineers are actually doing to us and our country.