Interesting. I remember the motorcycles driving between the cars, trying not to hit the car mirrors, especially the bigger bikes with wider handlebars.

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A Rainy Day In Bangkok – 4K

Published on Oct 10, 2017

A cinematic video of some of the non touristy places in Bangkok, Thailand Shot entirely on the Sony a6300 with the Kit Lens in SLOG3 either in 4k 25fps 100mbit/s OR 1080p 100fps 100mbit/s slowed down to 4x slow motion Fully edited & graded within premiere and exported to a 1:2.35 aspect ratio of 3840×1634 pixels (I wonder how different it looks on an ultrawide monitor… well I guess this isn’t really a video description) This is my first attempt at making a video of this style & shooting / grading Slog3, which definitely had a few challenges compared to using a more easy to work with color profile; as you can see from the various color and tint variations from shot to shot which I did not manage to effectively fix even after re-exporting the video multiple times If you have any feedback on what to improve or do differently for a future video, please let me know in the comments! Thanks a lot for watching and taking the time to read all of this 🙂 Instagram:►