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New 100MP Trichromatic digital back promises unmatched color quality! — Most have compromised color to get high ISO

Great to see! Hopefully, greater color accuracy and lower base ISO will someday trickle down into other 35mm and other formats too, which have mostly compromised color accuracy to get better low light performance through higher ISOs, which consumers demand more than accurate color, largely because color accuracy isn’t even mentioned by reviewers, and rarely in the forums. Color accuracy is harder to understand.

Canon’s 6D became well known as a high ISO champ, but is also their poorest color performing full frame 35mm camera, based on its color metamerism score of only 69.

Now, the Canon 5D Mark IV has only a mediocre color metamerism score of 85, whereas 95 would be a good score, which some earlier 35mm digital cameras achieved.

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From: Peta Pixel

Phase One unveils IQ3 100MP Trichromatic digital back, promises unmatched color quality

Phase One unveiled its newest IQ3 model today. A 100MP digital back designed in partnership with Sony, it’s called the Trichromatic because of its focus on exceptional color reproduction that supposedly matches the capacity of the human eye. In many ways the photographic foil of the Achromatic digital back, the Trichromatic is the “brain child” of Phase One’s long standing collaboration with Sony.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Phase One promises the Trichromatic will bring “unsurpassed color quality to the hands of the finest photographers across the globe.” No big deal… just unsurpassed color quality. …

The Trichromatic achieves these color feats thanks to new Bayer color filter technology that has been implemented on the ultra-high res 100MP CMOS sensor. This technology is allegedly “exclusive” to Phase One, and “transforms digital color capabilities to render color more authentically than ever.”

Phase One also claims that the Trichromatic’s sensor design offers the “absolute lowest digital noise” of any medium format CMOS camera on the market thanks to a new base ISO level of just ISO 35. …

Press Release

Introducing the Phase One IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back

The art of expression. The science of color.

COPENHAGEN, September 13, 2017 …

As a photographer, one of the things that excites me the most is having the opportunity to use color to evoke emotion. The Trichromatic Camera System itself becomes a true extension of my vision, and what my eye sees and what my eye wants to express – the camera delivers. – Tony Hewitt, Fine Art Photographer

This pioneering sensor design has also established the lowest and therefore cleanest base ISO of any medium format CMOS sensor. At an impressive ISO 35, the results of the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic are crisp and clean, providing the absolute lowest digital noise for any CMOS system of its size.

“The ability to capture an image that reflects exactly what you see the moment you press the shutter button, with little interpretation or conjecture, is a fantastic leap for photography and more importantly, for the integrity of image quality,” said Niels Knudsen, Phase One Image Quality Professor. …

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Excerpts from comments:

Anyone with experience with color filter in the good old days of black and white film photography knows that you can make the color filter be “purer” and does a better job of rejecting unwanted colors, but this will result in greater light loss. Applied to digital sensors this means you can always sacrifice high-ISO performance in return for better color fidelity. For the clientèle of a medium format system like this, this trade-off makes perfect sense.”

This techniques is nothing new. Sony A900 is known for sacrifice high-iso for a little better color fidelity. However, color fidelity is very subtle and hard to measure, but high iso noise is more prudent for users to view.

No the filters are narrower, leading to decreased colour noise and better separation. This is evidenced by the fact the base ISO is also lower.

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