(video) Sam Robson: ‘Oh What A Time’ – SOLO MULTI-PART Acapella Arrangement w/ Stringless Bass!


Oh What A Time – Acapella Arrangement!

Published on May 15, 2016

As sung by The Breath of Life Quartet and The Gaither Vocal band, form taken from the Gaither version.

I arranged and recorded this years ago but never actually did anything with it. However after rediscovering it I re-sung some of the vocals and added tambourine and now it’s good to go!

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Oh my Lord what a time
Oh my Lord what a time
From this old world we’ll flee
To live eternally
Oh my Lord what a time

In that fair land
There will be no more night
No sun or moon
For the Lamb of God is light
It’s good to know
That He’s prepared the way
To a bright and endless day

From this old world (from this old world we’ll flee)
Gonna live (to live eternally)
With Christ (with Christ our blessed Lord)
In a home (in the heavenly high)
We’ll shout (we’ll shout)
And sing (and sing)
We’ll walk (we’ll walk)
And talk (and talk)
We’ll shout (we’ll shout)
And sing (and sing)
We’ll walk (we’ll walk)
And talk (and talk)

We’ll shout (we’ll shout)
And praise His name
Everyday (every day will be the same)
Oh my Lord
My burden bearer
My help in trouble
My joy in sorrow
My light in darkness
My sword and shield

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