Winter Sky – Jiang Xiao-Qing / Graces of Asia (Official Audio)

Published on Mar 9, 2016

Official Audio for “Winter Sky” by Jiang Xiao-Qing(姜小青/ジャンシャオチン)from the album「Graces of Asia」
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Asia. An ancient and mysterious land. Filled with dichotomies of passion and serenity, gentleness and harshness, intensity…and grace. It is an intricate interweaving of qualities, born of time, tradition, and culture, and this essence is reflected in its land, its people and its music.
“Graces of Asia” is a compilation album by five virtuoso women artists from Asia, which beautifully expresses the complexity of the Asian soul. The chords of the erhu, ghu zheng, pipa, and koto vibrate with a sorrowful melancholy air, conveying a sense of purity in the resounding tones. The notes of the piano ring clear and poignant, and the multi-layered vocal harmonies are stirring. Weaving a fine tapestry of sounds, these artists and their instruments evoke the richness and beauty of Asia in the hearts of the audience.
The songs are deeply and quietly moving, created from an energy that is at once both subtle and powerful. With simple elegance, the music of these five women embodies an abiding softness, strength, and spirit. Truly, they are “Graces of Asia.”