Caine (David Carradine): They laugh at me, master.

Master Po (Keye Luke): Good. To bring joy to others honours the giver.

Caine: But their laughter is not joyful, for it derides me.

Master Po: Are you hurt by it?

Caine: Yes.

Master Po: Because you gave comfort where comfort is needed?

Caine: Was this not unmanly?

Master Po: There is a strength in us that can shatter an invisible object with a hand, which comes from a strong and disciplined body. There is another strength that allows us to feel the pain of others, and give comfort where comfort is needed. This comes from a compassionate heart. True strength must combine both, for that is in harmony with the duality of our natures. For what you have done, you may indeed take comfort in their laughter.

• • •

Kung Fu: On Policing the Bro Code