KCC: Master, I am troubled.

Kan: Why?

KCC: My parents are long dead. General Jung is tumbled from his arrogance and power. Yet within me anger boils as water in a heated pot.

Kan: Observe the day lily. Each morning, with the warmth of the sun it opens in lovely blossom. Each night it closes.

KCC: I do not understand. What has a flower have to do with my anger?

Kan: Once your anger warmed you, and like the flower you opened to it. That is long past. It is night.

KCC: Am I then to do nothing, feel nothing, be still?

Kan: Still water is like glass. It is the perfect level. A carpenter can use it. The heart of a wise man is tranquil and still. Thus, it’s the mirror of heaven and earth. The glass of everything. Be like still water. You look into it, and see yourself.

• • •

Kung Fu – Be Like Still Water