Bass Pro Shops Alaskan Outpost – front entrance!

Absolutely GORGEOUS design!!! I love everything except the statement above the door that legitimatizes lying: Welcome Fisherman, Hunters, and Other Liars. They’re actually telling us: only liars are welcome. TRUTHERS should not feel uncomfortable walking through that door.

Despite what TV preachers say, lying is no laughing matter:

“But for the cowardly, unbelieving, sinners… sexually immoral… and ALL LIARS, their part is in THE LAKE that burns with fire and sulfur….” – God in Rev. 21:8

Corporate America is leading US astray, everywhere we look. But they sure do it with style, which makes the deception easier to swallow.

My father was a real ‘sportsman,’ which meant honesty back then. He both obeyed the laws and did not exaggerate.

ALL CHILDREN deserve honest fathers. Companies should promote honesty, integrity, and what’s best for people.

November 14, 2016

Canon 5Ds R

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One of my NWA coworkers and I would sometimes quote these words to each other: “You’re playing with fire / Cause the Devil is a liar.” He was raised in Hawaii, and told me about the band!

– –

“Nobody’s watching you now / You can take what you want…”

Don’t be a fool

You’re playing with fire / Cause the Devil is a liar

Don’t let the Devil do his number on you, child!

Seawind: The Devil Is A Liar — “Don’t let the Devil do his number on you, child”