So Mom and I were on our way to an event, just before sunrise. When I opened the door, it startled a moose who then trotted in front of our garage. The other more slowly made her way there. They decided to munch on our raspberry bushes, which are right next to our driveway.

Since we couldn’t leave anyway, I decided to do my photo-a-day thing to capture the event until they left the yard. The Mom has a nice disposition, and showed me a cute expression in one of my photos captured there.

As we drove away, we saw the pair about 100 feet away, above Raspberry Road. So I got out of the car with my big boy camera this time, and took this photo of the mom and calf eating sunflower plants.

This is the public berm built to deflect sound. Our neighbor had the great idea to throw some sunflower seeds there, which grew into these.

The mom has a wonderful expression here too, and the calf can be seen behind. And that is a car going by on the right.

After taking this, I had to skedaddle because we were blocking our neighbor who was trying to leave. And we actually barely did make the beginning of our event anyway.

In all of the years I’ve lived here, starting in 1980, this is the first time I recall the moose almost making me late for an event. Although, there have been many times I’ve had to turn around or take a significant detour while walking on trails.

One time, I was driving into our driveway with the window down at night, and a moose startled me, being only a few feet away in our raspberries.

Years ago, I was walking on a trail immersed in prayer, listening to music with ear buds, and could have almost touched the moose that I walked by. I usually now pay more attention and don’t listen to music at all.

I have encountered some ornery moose on occasion too.

In this photo, the light was a little darker than this. I lightened it a bit in post.

She’s cute! Check out her snout/mouth especially : )


November 18, 2016

Canon 5Ds R