Frankly, being that this was idea #89, I was running out of creative ideas, especially because the weather was so bland. I hadn’t taken a photo of downtown Anchorage in this series, and clouds obscured the mountain background, so I decided to portray a version of Anchorage I have not yet seen: Anchorage in bokeh balls (out-of-focus lights), with some Cook Inlet reflections where there wasn’t white ice.

TWO PHOTOS are below for COMPARISON: bokeh balls and in-focus, so the light sources can be identified.

The Hotel ‘Captain Cook’ sign is the largest red orb to the right of the three flags: USA, Britain and Alaska, which show that night’s northerly wind. Scattered lights in the upper left are from the Government Hill area.

This is Anchorage in bokeh!



November 27, 2016

Canon 5Ds R

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