This begins the posting of my ninety, photo-a-day images, started on August 31, 2016 — which I’ll post in reverse-chronological order. Subjects will vary greatly. It starts here with a BANG!!

I was driving Mom’s Volvo (smashed here on right) during AM rush hour on Tudor Rd. in Anchorage, Alaska. The black, 6,000 pound Mercedes SUV (behind the police officers) was driving in the entrance lane to the Seward Highway beside us. Instead of going onto the highway, he drove straight into the barrier (which his front bumper still almost touches here), and his rear end jackknifed into us — to our utter dismay! As you can see, the streets were dry, so it wasn’t ice related.

The elderly driver’s airbag deployed, but he did have some injuries. He’s in the ambulance here. One of the police officers said he ran into a sign further down the road. I don’t know why.

Two drivers stopped to help and give testimonies to the police. Impressive and much appreciated!


Nov. 28, 2016

Panasonic LX100