I’ve learned a lot from Michael, and am  very sad to see him go. He had such a high standard of excellence when he wrote or spoke his product reviews. No one held the photography industry to a higher standard than did Michael. He was forward thinking, cutting edge, while they too often rest on their laurels, stuck in the mud with archaic ideas that stifle the productions of great art.

Here are three articles (with some videos) written by those who knew Michael personally:

Missing Our Friend
August 18, 2016 by Kevin Raber

Michael Reichmann – Reflections
August 18, 2016 by Alain Briot

I wrote the following comment at LL’s Facebook page in response to Alain’s article above:

Heartwarming article and videos! In order for Michael to be such an innovator with Luminous Landscape it’s not surprising that he didn’t have the patience to focus on just one image like Alain did and does. I really like Natalie’s comment:

“He did not care what others thought about these controversial articles that he published on his website. The more controversial the article, the more he seemed to enjoy publishing them.”

I’ve found that very few reviewers would really challenge camera and printer companies like Michael would. He was fearless. Getting better products was a main goal for him.

I recently found out that Canon dropped the green ink in their latest printers, and replaced it with a chroma optimizer. I wonder what Michael would have said. The color gamut is almost certainly reduced now that they’ve taken out an ink they used to find essential.

I hope Luminous Landscape still carries on his fearless and high standard work.

It’s A Sad Day For Luminous-Landscape
May 19, 2016 by Kevin Raber

I wrote this comment after hearing:

I appreciated Michael’s emphasis on EXCELLENCE, and have learned so much from him. Very sorry to hear this! Michael’s contribution to photography and the photographic community was huge!

Life is short.

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