“In America, it begins, really, in the 1890s, when the Rockefellers are funding seminaries to change doctrine. And the number one seminary was Union Theological. And there was a professor and graduate of Union Theological, Augustus Briggs, who introduced higher criticism into America…. This was the attempt to degrade Christianity to the point that it could be merged ultimately with other religions.”

“World Council of Churches…. We’ve got Rockefellers running all the way through this.”

“The ultimate goal is to have a messiah (who is really the Antichrist) ruling from Jerusalem.”

“John D. Rockefeller even funded a missionary study article, Rethinking Missions, which said that Christians should stop talking about Christian doctrine and instead work with other religions to bring world religions together.”

“These wars we’ve fought in the middle east…could not have come about without the support of the Zionist church, and that is the inheritance of the Scofield Reference Bible.”

– James Perloff

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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JAMES PERLOFF, bestselling author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, joins in the third hour to discuss his recent article The War on Christianity.
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