This is what I think is likely to take place, and have been concerned about this since the ’90s, when I first heard Dumitru Duduman and Henry Gruver’s prophecies, and started listening to Joel Skousen’s strategic analysis.

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The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held on February 4-20, 2022 in China. (source)

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World Affairs Brief, August 6, 2015 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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More and more analysts are beginning to wake up about China—though our government continues to both criticize China and downplay and deny and threat. Prashanth Parameswaran writing for The Diplomat reports on China’s projected developments for their blue water navy by the year 2020—when I’ve predicted China will first begin to have the firepower to think about attacking the West.

Much has been written about China’s ongoing efforts to become what President Xi Jinping called a “great maritime power” and how the United States should respond… In a recent paper delivered at a two-day CNA conference on Chinese maritime power, seen by The Diplomat, Rear Admiral Michael McDevitt, a senior fellow at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA), projects what China’s ‘far seas’ navy will look like in 2020 and how it would rank alongside the United States and other players – Britain, France, Japan, India and Russia. Getting a sense of the PLAN’s ‘far seas’ capabilities is important since it tells us the extent to which it might be able to project power further from China’s shores.

According to his projections, on paper by 2020 China’s navy will already increasingly look like a smaller version of the U.S. Navy and will be “the second most capable ‘far seas’ navy in the world.” In five years, the PLAN’s capabilities would dwarf most other navies – China would have as many aircraft carriers as Britain and India, more nuclear attack submarines than either Britain or France, and as many AEGIS-like destroyers as all the other non-US navies combined. China would have two aircraft carriers, 20-22 AEGIS like destroyers and 6-7 nuclear attack submarines, while United States would have eleven aircraft carriers; 88 AEGIS like destroyers; and 48 nuclear attack submarines.

Despite this, the US keeps helping the Chinese military train alongside the US in exercise after exercise. Alex Newman of The New American explains:

In 2013, the Obama administration shocked the world by inviting Communist Chinese troops to the United States to train with American forces for the first time in history. Ostensibly aimed at practicing “disaster management,” the U.S.-Communist China military exercises raised widespread alarm among national security experts. And while the Pentagon downplayed the risk and denied in comments to The New American that any weapons were involved, Chinese officials were boasting of “weapon demonstration, technique exchange, and cooperative action.” Earlier in 2013, a senior Chinese general, who in 2005 threatened to destroy hundreds of U.S. cities with nuclear weapons, led a “military exchange program” delegation to Washington, D.C. from Beijing.

The next year, again for the first time in history, Obama offered further opportunities for Chinese forces to gather sensitive intelligence on how the U.S. military works — this time by inviting Beijing’s Navy to participate in the “RIMPAC war games.” Hosted off the American coast by the U.S. Pacific Command, RIMPAC is the largest multinational maritime exercise in the world. And by allowing the Chinese regime’s ships to participate, Beijing was able to gather important insight into the U.S. military’s “tactics, techniques and procedures” (TTPs), according to analysts. Beijing was invited again this year, even as it steps up its aggressive actions against U.S. Navy ships in international waters… Beijing is taking full advantage of the opportunities to learn about the U.S. military and how it operates, too.

The West is ever eager to placate China in order to keep the world asleep to the inevitable and lethal threat she presents. Incredibly, despite a record low snow season in China’s mountains (which normal disqualifies anyone bidding on the Winter Olympics),

IOC President Thomas Bach… announced to the world on Friday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that Beijing won the bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, making the Chinese capital the first city to host both summer and winter Olympics.

He said the IOC’s decision meant tremendous to China. “It is about 300 million people who are expected to benefit from the 2022 Winter Olympics. This awards us a great opportunity to promote winter sports among them. It will be a marvelous project, an everlasting legacy. It will be an unprecedented feat pulled off by China and IOC, ” he said.

Yes, a marvelous propaganda stunt on behalf of China—just as the Beijing Summer Olympics were. Hitler took similar advantage of the 1936 Olympics to showcase the glories of Nazism. The only upside to this kowtowing to China is that it almost certainly guarantees that China will not go to war with the West until she gains the full propaganda value of these Olympics in 2022. So, you have at least that much time to prepare. Don’t put it off, however; it can easily take 10 years just to get your garden and animal skills where you can produce (most) of your own food.

The Chinese stock markets continue to slide. Beijing’s amateurish but massive interventions in the markets have not paid off. Chinese shares suffered their biggest one-day drop in over eight years this week, but still the market is up 70% over last year, so it is just a bubble bursting, not a collapse. Part of the renewed downward slide is from investors discovering that China lied about its debt levels so local billionaires are liquidating their assets and shifting them to Western or other Asian markets.


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