This is about 1/2 mile from our house. So special!!! I loved the loons we encountered, canoeing in the boundary waters in Minnesota in the ’70s! Link to the 24/7 cam is in the article. – – From:

Live Alaska loon cam up and running at Connor’s Lake

A live streaming webcam is offering an intimate look at Mother Nature [correction: “our Heavenly Father’s creation”]. The camera is trained on a pair of nesting loons at Connor’s Lake in West Anchorage. …

“In the past you could never get close enough to see anything or else you’d disturb them,” [Jean] Tam said. “But with the camera they don’t care. They don’t know you are watching them, so you can see a lot of detail you normally wouldn’t know about.”

Tam says the female loon appears to be the same one that came to nest on a man-made floating island in the center of the lake last year. Unfortunately, the eggs she laid never hatched. This year there are two new eggs and Tam is feeling optimistic.

“Watching the chicks hatch is exciting because you can see them pecking their way out of the shells. Both of them usually hatch within a day or two of each other,” Tam said.

Tam says if her math is correct the eggs should hatch right around June 30. Viewers will be able to see it all — the loon cam is operating 24-7.

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