REALLY GOOD, except #4 is probably TRUE for most of us — and #3 should include the problem of going to Hell:

Lie # 1: You should be ashamed of chastity. Because movie director Judd Apatow has a better plan for your sexuality than God does.

Lie #2: You need some sort of sexual release. Because we should do our thinking with any other body part than our brains.

Lie #3: There’s nothing wrong with sleeping around as long as you use protection. Because clearly the connections between multiple partners and unwanted pregnancies/STDs isn’t worth worrying about.

Lie #4: You’re somehow incomplete if you’re not married. Because Jane Austen or Queen Elizabeth the First or Florence Nightingale or Sir Isaac Newton led meaningless lives.

Lie #5: You must be a loser if you’re alone. Because when the Apostle Paul said he wished everyone remained single as he was, he just wanted to keep everyone else down. (source)

* * *

[youtube=]5 Lies Culture Tells Christian Singles

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes

Published on Jun 12, 2015

Society heavily influences singles on how they should be living their “single” lives. This is only a few of the lies Christians believe from culture about how they should be living out their lives before they get married.

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