It’s great to see Alex behind the bullhorn again in this very interesting broadcast, but at one point, Alex challenges a guy to fight him. This could lead to a disaster someday. It’s right to hate evil, but not people. Unforgiveness can lead to violence and a death trap.

Alex could fall into the Devil’s trap someday — and there will be no more Alex.

The unedited live footage can be seen at Alex’s Ustream channel.

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Protest coverage begins at minute-22[youtube=]Communists Attack #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Published on May 21, 2015The Alex Jones Channel

On the Thursday, May 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, the Senate votes to give the president sweeping trade promotion authority, despite a marathon 11-hour filibuster by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and others. Also, billionaire and Nazi collaborator George Soros warns the planet is on the “threshold of a third world war,” and does anyone actually believe Osama Bin Laden was reading “conspiracy theory-themed works?”

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