This Is Why I Can’t Stand Liberal Feminism. THIS.

Not sure who T-Mobile was trying to appeal to here – but then I guess man-hating feminists will tune in to the Super Bowl for the halftime show [to see Katy Perry ride in on a demonic, power lion and sing “I kissed a girl” – editor].

Don’t know what’s so funny about Sarah Silverman handing a newborn baby over to his parents and saying “Sorry, it’s a boy.” Especially since it has nothing to do about getting good cell phone service.

If there’s a joke in here, it’s that liberal feminism thinks degrading men and boys for simply being men and boys is a great way to prop women up. Really, liberal feminism has become the exact same thing that they accuse men of – being dismissive and derogatory toward the opposite sex. Which, in their narrow little worldview, makes it totally okay. But try having her say “Sorry, it’s a girl” and see how fast the harpies at NOW bring their rage down around T-Mobile’s ears…

[youtube=]Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile

TMobile | Published on Feb 1, 2015

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