The inspiring attitude behind Shawn’s magnificent and inspiring work!

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“My mission in life is to spread love to others.”

“Something hit me…that my path was to share this beauty with others.”

“By following my own passion, by following my  heart, it’s actually enabling me to make a living by just living. … That’s something we can all do. … And it takes hard work. … By being true to our heart, by being true to our truest essence that there is this synchronicity that comes with it all, that helps everything just flow. And that by tapping into that flow, with the right, perfect balance of being in the flow and working hard, and having a vision, that our dreams can come true.”

“If we never take risks we’re never going to achieve our highest vision of who we are, because that takes stepping outside of our comfort zone. It’s so easy just to stay in this little comfort zone of what we know. But I feel like whenever we step outside of our comfort zone, when we take a risk, that the potential for something beyond what we ever could have imagined is there waiting there for us.”

“I haven’t felt nervous at all; I just feel like I’m on my path. I’m living the life that I’ve come here to live.”

“When you are thankful in advance….”

“The character traits that we develop by facing those challenges….”

– Shawn Reeder

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from this podcast [Note: For the record, I have a different idea of what oneness should be, which I explain in my spiritual blog,]:

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