Gordon Lightfoot is absolutely one of my favorite singer/songwriters, whom my friend Steve and I would most often listen to on the way to and from our outdoor adventures, including Lake Superior — Gordon’s song: “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”

I wish Steve was still alive, and I hope Gordon can see the revival happen before he dies.

I also learned to play and sing many of his wonderful songs. Never liked “Sundown,” though.

Here, Gordon talks about how he almost died in 2002:

Gordon Lightfoot: Music’s humble legend


Rethinking Matthew 24: “…then the end will come” — after the Pete Townshends “know”?

Gleanings from Gordon Lightfoot’s 43-minute interview. Gordon is Scottish — ‘Braveheart’!! I LOVE his music, but now I know why I never liked his song, “Sundown.” Unfortunately, his seediest song was his biggest hit! But there is a true “Carefree Highway” that we can all travel on together — FOREVER!!!