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Privacy & Tech/ Peru & UFOs

Date: 10-23-13
Host: George Noory
Guests: Alejandro Rojas, John McAfee

In the first half, software entrepreneur and founder of McAfee Inc., the controversial John McAfee, discussed his life and career as well as why he is critical of NSA surveillance and what he plans to do about it. McAfee recalled how, in 1986, the emergence of the first computer virus was a stunning development that had been unexpected by those in the industry. Upon hearing the news, McAfee said, he simultaneously realized both how the programmers had created the virus as well as how to stop it. After posting his anti-virus program on an Internet message board, “it just went around the world and became, instantly, a required program.” This initial success led to the creation of his security software company which has become a juggernaut in the computer industry.

McAfee was highly critical of the NSA spying program, which was revealed this past Summer, calling the practice “fundamentally wrong” and lamenting that “we have to have privacy to be human and we’re losing that rapidly.” Additionally, he warned that this surveillance is likely an even larger problem than the public knows because if the NSA is spying on people, then “so is the FBI, the CIA, the Secret Service, the Army Intelligence, they’re all doing it.” In response to the NSA spying, McAfee revealed that he has created a new company known as ‘Future Tense,’ which will feature a “completely secure network” that is fluid and ever-changing and, thus, cannot be breached. However, he pointed out that the music industry has already decried his concept as “dangerous” and “covert agencies” are also not happy with his plans. Despite these challenges, McAfee confidently declared that he will press forward with the project.

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Starts at 8:30 | Bank of America app’s spy capability at 1.03:00 | John’s amazing health at 1.06:50[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEzaAv_uM3Q]Peru, Privacy, Technology, And UFO October 23rd 2013