Good discussion (though at times way technical!) on various ways to back up photos, and why it’s crucially important.

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In short, if you are a basic user, Eric Cheng recommends that you just get two external hard drives so you have a total of three copies. And keep one off-site or at a friend’s place. If you are more HARDCORE, then there are a ton of solutions in here! Lots of good suggestions from all the guests including Scott Jarvie John Pozadzides Scott Kublin Peter Adams – also Dave Veffer is putting together the full show notes for this, so I will share it again soon! 🙂

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Actual back-up discussion starts at minute-21[youtube=]Trey’s Variety Hour #79: Backing up your Photos – The Latest! Physical and cloud…

Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Streamed live on Jun 24, 2013

Backups, backups and more backups! John Pozadzides, Eric Cheng, Scott Kublin, Peter Adams, Scott Jarvie, and I go over a ton of different backup options and workflows. Later in the show we share some photos and finish the show with our G+ Discoveries.

G+ Photographer Discoveries:
Lace Andersen, Jim Shoemaker, Robbie Peterson, Douglas Sonders, Matt Adcock, and Phillip Colla.

Thanks to Dave Veffer for helping out with the whole production!

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